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The national, all-encompassing handicapping network called GOLF Link has been operational since 1999 and is now used in over 1,100 clubs across Australia.

All club members can be proud that Australia is leading the world with the introduction of this unique system. At the 1999 National Sports Awards, GOLF Link received the coveted Information Technology Award ahead of strong competition from the AFL web site and the Australian Yachting Federation membership scheme. Interest in the GOLF Link system has been expressed by several other golfing nations.

The system links 400,000 Australian golf club members instantly. You can turn up at the club of your choice, verify your handicap and/or membership of another club, play your round and have your handicap updated automatically.

What is GOLF Link?

GOLF Link is the only system that will see every golf club member's handicap stored and calculated nationally. Access to the system is gained via the Internet using the golfer's personal GOLF Link number.

Developed by Golf Australia (GA) in conjunction with GOLF Link Partners Australia, GOLF Link is a technological breakthrough that centralizes handicaps on a national basis with easy online access to its clubs and members.

Benefits are:

  • A uniform method of golfer identification;
  • Verification of each visitor's membership and handicap
  • Automatic return of each visitors score to their home club; and
  • Consistent application of GA handicapping rules

The GOLF Link cycle

  1. Member enters their GOLF Link number before play and receives updated handicap
  2. Member plays golf
  3. Member submits score card and club enters score
  4. GOLF Link updates handicap

Every affiliated club member will receive a GOLF Link card

By simply entering their GOLF Link number through a terminal, golfers can instantly:

  • verify and update their membership details;
  • enter competitions
  • confirm their handicap

Like players, golf courses and their ratings vary. One of the key benefits of GOLF Link is that it eliminates inconsistent interpretations of handicap regulations, providing Australian golf with a uniformly applied handicapping system for the first time.

About your GOLF Link number

Every GOLF Link number follows a pattern where each numeral corresponds to standardised information. If your ten digit number were 3579246817, it would be dissected as follows:

3 - State
57 - Area/Region
92 - The golf club at which you are a member
46817 - Your unique personal number at your club

When you phone 1300 650 750 with a question or wish to access your handicap, you should quote your GOLF Link number.

What about Confidentiality of my details?

In accordance with GA's confidentiality agreement held with each golf club, golfer's personal details are protected at all times unless permission is given to GOLF Link by the individual themselves.

How do I Apply?

Please click here for more information.

Who is GOLF Link Partners and what is the structure of the relationship with Golf Australia?

Golf Australia and GOLF Link Partners P/L have entered into an agreement in which GOLF Link Partners is licensed to roll out and manage the Australian handicapping system (note: GOLF Link Partners P/L is a privately held business with no Golf Australia shareholding). Within this license agreement, GOLF Link Partners receive $2.75 inc. GST per handicapped member per year. For this yearly fee each member receives a nationally managed handicap recognised at nearly 1200 clubs, a members card and a website to track and check their history.

GOLF Link was put into place because it's online efficiencies to clubs save the industry millions of dollars per year helping to keep club membership costs down - clubs do not need a handicapper, clubs do not need to mail out and administer away cards and members, handicap boards are a thing of the past, software providers can use the system to provide electronic leader-boards, etc. Despite the heavy investment into the development of GOLF Link and the rising costs associated with the business this charge has not changed since its inception in 2003. In real terms it has therefore decreased.

It is important to note that any other products or services on the website, i.e. Competition Rank, Tee Times, Vouchers, Mates and SMS are GOLF Link Partners initiatives and have been developed over and above the handicapping system as commercial products to support the business. GOLF Link Partners are pleased to announce we will continue to expand the range of golfing products to the market to meet member's requests and enhance our customer offering.

Any subscription products on the GOLF Link website are optional to take up. In 2009 GOLF Link will be launching a range of new products and services aimed at providing golfers useful tools to enjoy the game on and off the course.


Please note that the lapsing process will not occur on the 1st January 2010 due to upcoming changes in the handicapping system

Affiliated clubs and members are reminded that as at 1 January each year, any handicap record on GOLF Link that does not contain the necessary number of live scores (3 for males; 3 for females) in the previous 12 months, will lapse from an Australian Men’s/Australian Women’s Handicap to a Club handicap.
This is in accordance with the Australian Men’s Handicapping System and Australian Women’s Handicapping System.
NB: Where a player competes in a competition round but does not record a score, either due to disqualification or withdrawal, that round will NOT count towards their requisite number of live scores.

Non-competition rounds (male) or "extra day scores" (female) can be used to attain the number of requisite live cards. These rounds must be countersigned by an affiliated male or female golfer.

A free copy of the Australian Handicapping & Course Rating Systems is available through this link

GOLF Link enquiries and feedback

For further enquiries about this site please see the help page.

Enquiries regarding scores and handicaps should be taken up with your club.